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We implement a Comprehensive Application Vetting Process to hire experienced professional bartenders in the lower 48 United States. Our management is headquartered in Central Florida, however the bartender that will be assigned to your event lives within a fifteen (15) mile radius of your event location, localized to your city.

We have 2,500+ bartenders spread over 48 states that we have vetted and hired to work our events, meaning we do not outsource or subcontract our bartenders; rather they are on our in-house payroll.

We are able to accomplish this comprehensive staffing method by utilizing an in-house team of staffing and hiring managers, combined with proprietary technology, to ensure a quality experience for you and your guests. With having served over 1,600 events in 48 states since 2017, we have steadily perfected a system to service your event efficiently AND successfully.

We guarantee that our staff will arrive to your event prompt, clean and professional!


Signature Cocktail Packages!
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BarMasters provides many excellent options and ideas for signature cocktails for your wedding or private event! Please click on the link above to see 30 different signature cocktail ideas, and be sure to add the Signature Cocktail Package add-on to your quote!

Meet Our Staff

With having served over 1,600 weddings, corporate & private events since 2017, we have gained a TREMENDOUS amount of knowledge and understanding on what it takes to run a successful event. Unlike the bartender next door, we do this professionally. Trust the experts!

Our staff stays the same! High turnover rates in this industry can create a disastrous effect on your event. We have a dedicated staff of professional and reliable bartenders and servers who work our weddings and events every weekend in their region. This consistency breeds a win-win situation for our company, our staff and our clients! We know what to expect from them, therefore you know what to expect from us!

With over 1,500 events on our resume and a reliable consistent staff, you can trust that BarMasters will deliver on your big day. If for any reason the staff member assigned to work your event has an emergency or becomes ill, we have back-up bartenders and servers on the ready every day! You can rest assured your event will be a huge success.

BARMASTERS Provided (50) Bartenders & Servers for the F1 Grand Prix Race in Miami (May 2022)


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