Wow Your Wedding Guests With Signature Cocktails

Are you looking for a way to add a personal touch to your wedding reception? Consider adding a signature cocktail to your bar service. A signature drink is a distinctive or original beverage representing the personality or style of the person or establishment that created it.

Why Serve a Wedding Signature Drink?

A signature wedding drink is popular because it lets couples infuse personal touches into their big day. Choosing a signature cocktail that reflects their favorite drink or relates to an important aspect of their relationship adds charm and creates conversation starters among guests. It allows the couple to share a bit about themselves with everyone present, giving everyone a glimpse into their shared interests and personalities. The signature drink becomes more than just another beverage during the event – it symbolizes the couple’s journey together.

A wedding signature drink may also be a practical solution for couples on a budget. By offering a signature drink instead of an unlimited open bar, couples can control their liquor expenses without compromising the enjoyment of their guests. This option allows guests to access unique and delicious cocktails without having to foot the bill for an extensive open bar. 

Now that you’re sold on choosing a signature cocktail let’s figure out how to choose one!

How To Pick a Signature Wedding Cocktail

As you consider choosing a drink for your wedding reception, here are several questions to ask yourself. It’s unlikely you’ll find them all relevant. However, we know we’ll get the idea ball rolling.

What do you drink now, as a couple?

Remember, this is your wedding! So, let’s start by making sure you like your concoction. Beginning with your preferences will also narrow your options. For example, let’s say you prefer rum to tequila. Customizing a drink with rum is the way to go.

Where did you meet?

Did you meet at college? Maybe you met at a holiday BBQ with friends. Did you order a drink you loved on your first date? Think about some of the things that represent your first encounter. For example, consider using berries for garnish if you met while blueberry picking.

When is the wedding?

People’s drink preferences shift with the seasons. A winter signature cocktail recipe might include an orange twist or cranberry juice. Both flavors are associated with holidays near the end of the year. If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding, you will want to choose a refreshing drink that includes seasonal flavors such as fresh lime juice.

What are your wedding colors?

There are so many tasty ways to add color to a cocktail. Pomegranate juice and strawberry puree are both ways to add a pop of color. However, the addition will change the overall flavor profile.

Who is coming to the wedding?

Do you need a mocktail version of your signature cocktail recipe? Consider cocktail choices that include lemon-lime soda or pineapple juice. You’ll also want to taste both versions of your creation before finalizing your choice.

What glassware do you need?

Glassware is part of what makes each drink recognizable. Classic cocktails are served in various types of glassware. If your creation requires a tall glass with ice, you must ensure the bar is stocked accordingly.

What garnishes do you need?

Garnishes serve two purposes in a drink: they make it visually appealing and enhance the flavor and aroma by providing a complementary or contrasting taste. Consider garnishing your drink with fresh mint if your wedding colors include green. One way to take a signature cocktail to the next level is to incorporate edible flowers as a garnish that looks similar to flowers in the bouquets and centerpieces.

Who will prepare the drinks?

When it comes to drink preparation and service for your wedding day, choose BarMasters Mobile Bartenders. Our professional bartenders are licensed and insured and have staffed hundreds of weddings. Contact us for an instant quote today!