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I am Dylan, Founder & CEO of BarMasters® Mobile Bartending. We have received your application, thank you! Currently our management is reviewing it for approval. Here’s a little bit about us:

About Us
We are a busy, fast growing nationwide mobile bar service offering private bartending services in 49 US states. Our events range from Weddings, private home parties, concerts to corporate functions. ALL of our events are open bar, so you’ll never have to handle money (other than your tips!) or deal with a POS system, and the client provides their own alcohol at ALL of our events.

We also work as a subcontractor to larger staffing companies (such as DLS), so we offer large events from time to time as well (concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc)


BarMasters Staffing App for iOS & Android

While our management is reviewing your online application, please download our app on your phone (in app store search BarMasters Mobile Bartending), or click the buttons below:


Download the BarMasters Staffing App!


With Our Proprietary App, you can:
1. View Available Events 10 days before they occur, within 75 miles of your location
2. Claim events to work with the tap of a button

Once you’ve downloaded our app, click on
“No Account? Create an Account Here”

App Account Approval
Once your job application has been approved by management, we will approve your newly created bartender login account in the app. You will receive an email confirmation of approval. Once received, go back to the app and log-in by clicking the grey button titled “Bartender Login”, and using your email address and chosen password.
This will give you exclusive access to see available events within a 75 mile radius of you, up to 10 days in advance of the actual event date, and the ability to assign yourself to those events with the tap of a button!
***Please be aware that if you claim an event in the app and fail to show up to that event, your bartender login account will be permanently banned from our app and you will be terminated from working any BarMasters events in the future.
Payroll & 1099 Contractor Employment
You will receive hourly pay + gas compensation (most events), plus you keep 100% of the tips you receive at the event. Gas is compensated for your total trip mileage using this formula: “Total Trip Mileage, divided by 20 MPG, multiplied by the current average national price per gallon”

You will be able to see the hourly pay rate for each of our events inside the app. You will also see two options for the gratuity “Tip Jar Allowed”, in which case the client has agreed to allow a tip jar on the bar, or “No Tip Jar Allowed”, in which case the client does not want a tip jar on the bar, and we charge them a set gratuity amount of which you will receive 100% of.

Before your first event with us, you will be added as a 1099 contract employee via our OnPay onboarding system. After you work an event, you will fill out our Payroll Submission Form with your total hours and trip mileage. We will then run payroll on the  Monday following your event, and you will receive your event pay via direct deposit that same Wednesday.


Working Our Events
Please click the link below to review our Event Fact Sheet, this provides all of the information you’ll need regarding working BarMasters® events:

Event Fact Sheet



Need Bar Tools or a BarMasters Logo Shirt?
That’s It! Feel free to Text us at 321-298-1129 with any questions.
Thank you!
Dylan F.
Founder / CEO