How We Staff Your Event

We implement a Comprehensive Application Vetting Process to hire experienced, professional bartenders in all lower 48 States of the US. Our company’s management is headquartered in Florida, however the bartender that will be assigned to your event lives within a fifteen (15) mile radius of your event location. We have over 2,000 bartenders spread over 48 states that we have vetted and hired to work our events. We are able to accomplish this comprehensive staffing method by utilizing an in-house team of staffing and hiring managers combined with proprietary technology to ensure a quality experience for you and your guests. We guarantee that your staff will arrive to your event prompt, clean and professional!

Meet Our Staff

Krystal - Bartender

Tim - Bartender

Mikhaila - Bartender

Ariel - Bartender

Susy - Bartender

Megan - Bartender

Ricardo - Bartender

Brian - Bartender

Tori - Bartender

Lawrence - Bartender

Amber - Bartender

Brittany - Bartender

Hailey - Bartender

Stacey - Bartender

Amberleigh - Bartender

Tina - Bartender

Lisa - Bartender

Chelsea - Bartender

Amanda - Bartender

Carly - Bartender

Blake - Bartender

Mercedes - Bartender

Jessica - Bartender

Mellisa - Bartender