Bartender Event Fact Sheet

This sheet offers important information about working BarMasters events, and explains how to deal with specific scenarios that you may encounter from clients at events. We will provide you with all of the details prior to your event, including date, times, client info, location address and supplies needed.

Arrival Time

This is the time you are expected to arrive on-site at your event to begin set-up, usually 1-1.5 hours before the actual start time. Please always ensure you leave with ample time to arrive at the event on time, this is very important for client expectations and satisfaction. Tardiness is the number one pet peeve of clients, and you do not want to show up to an angry client.

Start/End Time

These are the actual hours of bar service the client has contracted us for, in which you will be serving beverages to their guests. End time refers to when you begin to start breaking down, do not break down or pack up before the clients end time of service.

Bar Tools

These items will always be brought with you to every event (unless otherwise specified): Ice bucket, rubber spill mat, ice scoop, cutting board/knife, pour spouts, corkscrew & bottle opener. We will discuss with you prior to your event which items you have, and which items you need. *NOTE – If you have a cooler this is always a plus, please bring this to your event as well.

Mixers (Sodas/Juices)

If the client has opted for us to provide the mixers at their event, BarMasters will send them via Instacart to your current home address, the day before your event.


If the client has opted for us to provide ice at their event, you will be expected to pick up the specified amount of ice on the way to your event. You will be reimbursed for this on our Payroll Form with your hourly and gas payout.


If the client has opted for us to provide these items at their event, BarMasters will send them via Amazon to your current home address the week prior to the event.

Folding Table/Linen (Bar)

If the client has opted for us to provide a folding table bar at their event, it is highly beneficial if you already have one to use. If not, BarMasters will send it via Amazon to your current home address the week prior to the event

Uniform / Attire

We require our staff to dress clean, presentable and professionally. Please follow our attire guidelines: Black short sleeve polo or long sleeve button down shirt, black slacks or dress pants (no jeans or leggings), black close-toed shoes. If you have an attire request, feel free to reach out to us.

Tip Jar/Gratuity

We offer the client 2 options for gratuity;
1) They can opt to allow a tip jar on the bar, in which case you will put your tip jar and/or QR code sign out for digital tips, or
2) They can opt to not allow a tip jar, in which case we charge them a flat $100 gratuity fee, which all goes directly to you.

No Call / No Shows – No Exceptions!

In the event that you no call no show on the day of your event, you will automatically be terminated from working future events with BarMasters. We cannot maintain a reliable service that is expected by our clients if we cannot guarantee a bartender will show up on the day of their event, so there are absolutely no exceptions or excuses to this clause.

If you have already committed to working an event and you have an emergency or can no longer commit, you must release the event in the app (under “Your Events”) within 24 HOURS of event start time, and contact us immediately via text. Please try to refer a replacement.


**Drinking Alcohol during your event is grounds for Immediate Termination


**Displaying or handing out business cards or other marketing material for a mobile bartending company or private bartender other than BarMasters is grounds for Immediate Termination

Frequently Asked Questions


What Do I Bring To My Event?

Each event is unique and the items needed for your event are based on the contract that we have with the client. You will bring the basic bar tools listed above to every event. On the other hand, Mixers, garnishes, cups, straws, napkins, blender, ice & bar table/linen are all optional add-ons, and these items will be marked with a green check in the expanded event details in-app if they are required at your event. The client will always provide their own alcohol at every event.

I Cannot Find the Event Location, What Do I Do?

If you have an issue finding the address we have provided for your event, your first step will be to call or text BarMasters @ 321-298-1129 so that we can further guide you by contacting the client to get further instructions on finding their event location. Some events are in private gated communities, in this case we do our best to obtain the gate code from the client before the event and provide you with it.

Who Do I Talk To When I Get To My Event?

When you arrive at your event location you will attempt to make contact with either the client or the coordinator on site. You will be provided with their name prior to the event. If you are unable to locate them, we will provide you with the clients phone number to further attempt to make contact.

The Client Says There is a Discrepancy with the Items BarMasters instructed Me to Bring to Their Event, What Do I Do?

If you arrive to your event and the client is claiming that you do not have the agreed upon items to be provided at their event, try to diffuse the situation calmly and respectfully, and inform them that you will be contacting your operations manager to resolve the discrepancy. At this time please contact us directly to explain the situation so we can attempt to determine who is at fault, and how to remedy it.

What Time Do I Stop Serving Drinks At My Event?

It is very important that you stop serving alcohol and shut the bar down at the instructed end time; it is equally important that you do not break down or pack up items before the instructed end time. If you continue to serve beyond the end time you will not be paid for your time, and this is grounds for termination. You must never ask the client for money for additional hours, nor accept it. If the client wants you to stay additional time and you are willing and able to do so, inform them that you will contact your operations manager. At this time please contact us directly @ 321-298-1129 and we will contact the client to coordinate the additional time. You will be compensated for your additional hour(s) worked when you fill out the Event Payroll Form after the event.

The Event is Finished, Now What?

Upon completion of the event, please be sure to leave with everything you came with, including all bar tools, cooler, cups, straws, napkins and all unopened mixers. Never take any alcohol with you, this belongs to the client. If any alcohol is missing or you are caught taking it, the client is liable to prosecute you personally for theft, and you will be immediately terminated from working any future events with BarMasters. You can offer to leave any opened mixers (sodas/juices) if the client agrees, you can also leave a few unopened sodas/juice, cups, straws, napkins and ice for the client if they request it. Any leftover items such as unopened mixers, cups, straws and napkins will be kept at your house and used for future events with BarMasters. Please use common courtesy at clients houses or venues and clean-up the bar area to leave it in the same manner as it was when you arrived, and offer to take bar trash out for the client. Doing these simple tasks will leave a lasting impression on clients which results in additional future bookings, possible direct requests for you to work their future events, and potential additional gratuity from clients.

Where Do I Submit My Hours & Trip Mileage to Get Paid?

After your event you will go to (there is a direct link to the payroll submission form under Account Settings in the app) and submit your time sheet and total trip mileage. Include any ice or other expenses incurred for your event for compensation.

On the Monday following your event, we will submit your hours to our payroll company (, and direct deposit payout will occur on Wednesday of that same week. You will be instructed to add your direct deposit bank info via your OnPay account when we send you the payroll onboarding enroll email when you are hired for your first event.


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That’s it! If you were referred to this link by a BARMASTERS hiring rep, please refer back to the text and let them know that you have read and agree to the above terms. We look forward to a long-lasting professional relationship with you, thank you for your interest in working BARMASTERS events, America’s #1 mobile bartending company.